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Journey to Key West – USA Travel Journal 2012


Our journey to Key West.

It took us nearly 2.5 hours to get to there.  The road was one lane most of the way and the speed limit was quite low and it was busy on the road today.

Well we found somewhere to park and fed the meter and walked off to explore Key West.

So while we were walking around Dave spied an electric car/scooter to hire. So this was going to be our mode of transport for the next 4 hours. Therefore it was a great way to see the Key West and we had a lot of fun while checking out the outskirts of town.

We were able to see parts of that we couldn’t with the car and was certainly able to see more this way than we would of walking.

It was so much fun!! – Hotel Reservations

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Merlin’s Beard




Welcome to March. Already this year is flying past. March happens to be my favourite month, as I celebrate my birthday in the first week and lucky for me in the West (Western Australia) it always falls on a long weekend.

This month we have been asked to guest design for the CSI Challenge.
Head over to see all the other amazing designers and their work.

So here is the Case file that I have used to design my layout this month.

Merlin’s Beard
This is my completed layout based on the CSI Case File.

EVIDENCE: I have used washi tape, things that fly, animals, circles, wood, feathers, stars.
TESTIMONY: I have handwritten on my background and started with an idiom.

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Miami – USA Travel Journal 2012


We are in Miami tonight and by gingees its hot.

Its like being in Bali in the blistering heat. I was a big ball of sweat this afternoon.

I had the address for Miami Ink in the GPS as the first stop…lol. It wasn’t hard to find but you would walk right by it in the street if you didn’t have the address. It looks nothing like it does on the show. They need to trim the palm tree out the front so you can see the tattoo sign. Not sure where the Love Hate bar is, as its not next door as I thought it was and there was none of the guys there.  It sure would be nice to walk in to one of these places and see them standing there and get the elusive pic.

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Ventura Flea Market

Today I went for a drive to Ventura Showgrounds

to check out the flea market.

Mum belted me in the back seat, so I would be safe and then we headed down the 101 freeway to find the Ventura Flea Market.

We had so much fun exploring the many market stalls finding old oil cans and license plates. I stopped for a bite to eat and a refreshment.

Having a bite to eat.

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Jet Lag

Wow what a day .

That flight was so long that, I just had to chill in the room and catch up on some sleep.

Mum and Dave went out sightseeing, while I slept. They went to check out the Santa Monica Pier.

I am really looking forward to tomorrow when I get to sightsee some more along the open highways of America.

Just Chillaxing in the big comfy bed. – no one deals like we do!

Til tomorrow

Take care



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Los Angeles Arrival

Well I made it. I had a such a great flight. I slept all the way in my suitcase.

Mum had a hard time sleeping though. Was a bit of a bumpy ride in places. She watched a couple of movies. Listened to some tunes and tried to catch some zzzzzz’s. Dave was making the most of being able to sleep that long without being told to get out of bed…

Mum found a great rental on TripAdvisor, so we are now off to check out the place. If you would like to find your own rental, why not click on the link and get yourself a great deal.
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Time to hail a taxi and not freak out about them driving on the wrong side of the road..

Checking out  the welcome sign at the airport


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Stop Over Brisbane 1.6.12

Well after our delay, I have finally made it to Brisbane.

We have to make a mad dash for the baggage and then find the connecting bus to international airport as our flight was late leaving Perth. Then onto our gate for boarding to America.

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Now we are just chilling at the gate waiting for our flight out to Los Angeles. I found a nice spot on the window ledge to check out our aircraft. It’s going to be a long flight. 12+ hours in a cramped space with no where to stretch my legs. (hehehe)

So while I sit here and look out the window, I’ll see you on the other side, where it will be the 1st of June again.

That’s my plane out there.

Take care



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Blue Bear’s Adventures 1.6.12

Time to check in…

Day 1

Well I have packed and I am off to the airport with Mum and the family, to head off to LA.

I have to travel to Perth to catch a flight to Brisbane and then we will board a flight to Los Angeles. I am super excited.

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I am now sitting at the airport and stopping for a little break, as the flight has been delayed by 1 hour and mum is not happy. It’s also time to say goodbye to Blayde and Crystal.

Lucky I’m here to remind mum of Blayde while she is away from him. I will look after her and Dave and make sure they take me to lots of places to so that I can tell Blayde all about my adventures.

Refueling for my flight


Big hugs and kisses from Blayde

See you all soon




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Hi All

My name is Blue Bear . I was made 19 years ago by Blayde’s grandma for his sister and I became an instant member of this beautiful family.

I am now Blayde’s Bear and he has asked me to travel with his mum on a very special adventure. I am about to embark on a road trip through the USA with her.
I have spent the day just hanging out with her and preparing the suitcases for our very exciting holiday. I will be travelling to some amazing places and will be updating Blayde daily on what I have been up to and taking some snap shots as well.

I hope you can all join me on this wonderful journey and look forward to boarding that plane. I’m so excited!!!!