Journey to Key West – USA Travel Journal 2012


Our journey to Key West.

It took us nearly 2.5 hours to get to there.  The road was one lane most of the way and the speed limit was quite low and it was busy on the road today.

Well we found somewhere to park and fed the meter and walked off to explore Key West.

So while we were walking around Dave spied an electric car/scooter to hire. So this was going to be our mode of transport for the next 4 hours. Therefore it was a great way to see the Key West and we had a lot of fun while checking out the outskirts of town.

We were able to see parts of that we couldn’t with the car and was certainly able to see more this way than we would of walking.

It was so much fun!! – Hotel Reservations

We did a little shopping and checked out the stores, the marina and the street performers and had a drink or two in the pub.

So we found another Hard Rock Café by mistake which meant another glass. While walking around we found a raffle for a Harley Davidson motorcycle and Cobra Car. Super cool!!! We decided to purchase a few tickets. 300 in fact . So the next hour was spent filling them out and putting them in the box.

Hence there is no way I will forget my email address in a hurry!!!! So we found the car and the lovely ticket inspector was there ready to write us a ticket. So in our very persuasive Aussie accent we spoke with her and therefore I think she let us go. The only way we will know is when we take the car back.

So we are finally home and with the most spectacular light show going off in the sky and thunder storms all around which resulted in a little rain.

Key West Key West

We pull out of here tomorrow and head up the coast towards NYC. So we are getting closer to that long journey home but I am also looking forward to it.

Big hugs for my children. I may need to call paramedics as they won’t be able to breathe.

Finally I think Kleenex will be going up in shares too!!!

Well time to get to bed.

Nite all